Frazeologizmy Polskie i frazeologizmy Angielskie


  Frazeologizmy Polskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

Frazeologizmy Angielskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

wait one's turn
walls have ears
watch the time
watch what you are doing!
we are short of money
we can never be sure
we ran out of coffee
weak spot
weather permitting
weigh the pros and cons
well done!
what a pity/shame!
what a waste!
what are the chances that...?
what are you driving at?
what do you say?
what happened?
what I mean is...
what is she like?
what is this supposed to mean?!
what make is this car?
what on earth...?
what size are you?
what time is it?
what's biting you?
what's happening?
what's the date today?
what's the matter?
what's the rush?
what's the time?
when I last saw her,...
when the need arises
when you come to think of it,...
when/after all is said and done
who would have thought
who's next?
whose turn is it?
will you join us for lunch?
win a prize
win a victory
win hands down
win somebody's confidence
with a heavy heart
with a view of the sea
with a/the view to doing something
with all due respect
with all one's heart
with great skill
with no extras
with respect to...
with the aim of doing something
with the help of something
within limits
within reach
without a second thought
without delay
without question
without regard to...
without risk to something
without success
words fail me
work hard
work in an office
work late
work like a dog
work one's guts out
work the land
wrong number

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