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Frazeologizmy Angielskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

take (to) flight
take a firm stand on something
take a holiday
take a leaf out of somebody's leaf
take a lot of trouble
take a turn for the better
take action to
take advantage of somebody
take advantage of something
take an exam
take care!
take effect
take exercise
take issue with somebody
take it easy!
take measures
take my word for it
take office
take orders from somebody
take out insurance
take place
take power
take shelter
take somebody in one's arms
take somebody to court
take somebody's point
take somebody's temperature
take something to heart
take stock of something
take the blame
take the chance
take the floor
take the lead
take the occasion
take the opportunity to do something
take the second place
take the view that
take the wind out of somebody's sails
take/follow somebody's advice
take/run a risk
talk sense
talk shop
teach somebody a lesson
tell a joke
tell something apart
tell the future
thankless task
that about sums it up
that makes a change!
that reminds me
that will do
that's just like him
that's not the issue
that's right
that's the point
that's the spirit!
the apple of somebody's eye
the beginning of the end
the calm before the storm
the chance of a lifetime
the devil is in the details
the exact opposite
the facts speak for themselves
the general public
the heart of the matter
the lesser of two evils
the likes of you
the next biggest
the other day
the point at issue
the reason why...
the results are as follow:...
the same to you!
the scene of the crime
the shape of things to come
the sky is the limit
the sooner the better
the voice of the people
the way things are
the worst is behind you
there are limits!
there is a market for something
there is growing recognition that...
there is no accounting for taste
there is no excuse for such behaviour (UK)/behavior (US)
there is no question that...
there is no smoke without fire
there is room for improvement
there seems to be...
there was nothing to suggest that...
there's no magic formula for...
there's no place like home
there's no point in doing something
there's no time to lose
there's nothing like...
there's nothing to stop me
these things happen
things are looking up
things are running smoothly
think little of somebody
third time lucky
this is not a game
this is not laughing matter
three times in a row
throw good money after bad
time after time
time is money
time will tell
to a (certain) degree
to good effect
to make matters worse,...
to make/cut a long story short
to my surprise
to no effect
to one's heart's content
to one's shame
to say the least
to sum up,...
to tell the truth
to the bitter end
to the profit of...
to top it all
top of the range
toss/flip a coin
treat somebody with respect
trials and tribulations
true to life
true to one's word
turn a blind eye to something
turn down an offer
two years passed

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