Frazeologizmy Polskie i frazeologizmy Angielskie


  Frazeologizmy Polskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

Frazeologizmy Angielskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

save face
save somebody the trouble
save somebody's life
say something to somebody's face
search high and low
see for oneself
see somebody to the station
see to something
see you soon!
sense of humour (UK)/humor (US)
serve its purpose
serve the purpose
set a good example
set a record
set one's heart on something
set somebody free
set something on fire
shake hands with somebody
shake one's head
shame on you!
share somebody's point of view
she doesn't look her age
she let it slip that...
show evidence of something
show respect to somebody
show your stuff!
shrug one's shoulders
sleep like a log
sleep on it
sleep tight!
smash something to pieces
smile at the thought of...
so be it!
so it appears
so it would seem
so much so that...
so to say/speak
social life
some other time
some people have all the luck!
somehow or other
something like that
sorry to trouble you but...
sound and safe
sound familiar
sounds like fun
spare parts
speak badly of somebody
speak for yourself!
speak one's mind
split hairs
split the cost
split the difference
split up with somebody
spread like wildfire
spring to one's feet
stage by stage
stand out in the crowd
stand somebody a drink
stand trial for
start a family
start a new life
start from scratch
state of affairs
state of mind
stay the night
steady income
steady relationship
step by step
stick to the facts
stop at nothing to do something
strangely enough
strike a balance between
strike fear into somebody's heart
struggle for existence
study for an exam
supply and demand
suppose you have this job
sure enough,...
swing of the pendulum

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