Frazeologizmy Polskie i frazeologizmy Angielskie


  Frazeologizmy Polskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

Frazeologizmy Angielskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

face to face
fail an exam
fall apart
fall flat
fall in love with somebody
fall into a trap
fall short of expectations
fall to one's knees
fall victim/prey to something
family matters
fasten one's seatbelts
fear of the unknown
feed on something
feel at home
feel awkward
feel fit enough to do something
feel free
feel like a fool
feel like doing something
feel low
feel pity/sympathy for somebody
few and far between
fight a losing battle
fill a role
find an excuse to do something
find fault with somebody
find it necessary to...
find out about something
find pleasure in doing something
find something impossible
fire somebody
first come, first served
first things first
fix one's eyes on...
fling oneself into work
fly off the handle
follow somebody with one's eyes
follow somebody's example
for a change
for a good cause
for a number of reasons
for a time
for all practical purposes
for ever
for example/instance
for God's sake
for hours on end
for one thing
for personal use
for reasons best known to oneself
for sale
for that matter
for the moment
for the most part
for the sake of argument
for the time being
force of character
forget it!
free of charge
freedom of choice
freedom of speech
freely available
frighten somebody to death
from all sides
from beginning to end
from head to foot/toe
from now on
from that moment forward
from time to time
from what I can gather
full board G gain experience

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