Frazeologizmy Polskie i frazeologizmy Angielskie


  Frazeologizmy Polskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

Frazeologizmy Angielskie :

A :: B :: C :: D :: E :: F :: G :: H :: I :: J :: K :: L :: M :: N :: O :: Q :: P :: R :: S :: T :: U :: V :: W :: X :: Y :: Z

back and forth
backward country
bad luck
be a perfect match for something
be all smiles
be all thumbs
be at a loss what to do
be at one's wits' end
be between jobs
be due to do something
be due to something
be dying for something
be expecting a baby
be fully aware of something
be getting old in years
be in a bind
be in a hurry
be in a state
be in a tight corner
be in good health
be in line with something
be in no position to do something
be in one's element
be in short supply
be in the habit of doing something
be in the lead
be in the process of doing something
be in the public eye
be in the same boat
be in use
be looking for trouble
be lost for words
be lost in thoughts
be marked by something
be meant for
be my guest
be no match for somebody
be on good terms with somebody
be on the dole
be out of question
be out of work
be playing a waiting game
be quick on the draw
be ranked third
be right about something
be second to none
be seized with something
be subject to something
be supposed to do something
be the opposite of somebody
be up and running
be up to one's ears in something
be up to one's ears in work
be workshy
bear/keep something in mind
beat around the bush
beat somebody black and blue
beat the breast
because of something
become aware of something
before somebody's eyes
behind the wheel
below average
below the mark
bend over backwards to do something
bend the rules
beside the point
best of all
better and better
better luck next time
better than ever
beyond doubt
big deal!
birds of a feather
bits and pieces
block somebody's view
blood type
boil down to something
bored to death
botch a job
bottoms up!
break a record
break free
break into pieces
break one's back
break somebody's heart
break the habit
break the news to somebody
bring credit to somebody
bring pressure
bring shame on somebody
bring something to an end
bring up a subject
bring up children
burn the midnight oil
burst into flames
burst into laughter
burst into tears
burst out laughing
but for you
but that's another story
but then again
by a process of elimination
by birth
by chance
by common consent
by day
by default
by fair means or foul
by force
by heart
by lot
by means of something
by mistake
by nature
by night
by no means
by now
by profession
by the way
by trial and error
by turns
by way of something C call a strike

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